Ideally, all children would have a comprehensive vision and eye health exam before starting school as 80% of learning is through vision. This eye exam performed by an eye doctor -- optometrist or ophthalmologist -- can detect vision problems.

Amended Substitute House Bill 95 passed in 2003 requires students initially identified with disabilities to have an eye exam beginning the fall of 2004. Senator Randy Gardner of Bowling Green sponsored the legislation. Senator Gardner said, “Through my family’s experience, I know how important good vision is to the learning process. Correcting vision problems early on can help improve a child’s performance in school.”

Parents will be requested to schedule the appointment with the eye doctor within 90 days after the student is initially identified with disabilities. If the student had an eye exam during the previous nine months, the requirement is waived.

For the full text of Amended Substitute House Bill 95 and a list of all requirements, click here.

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