Full Text of H.B. 95

§ 3323.19. Eye examinations for students with disabilities.

(A)  Within three months after a student identified with disabilities begins
receiving services for the first time under an individualized education
program, the school district in which that student is enrolled shall require
the student to undergo a comprehensive eye examination performed either by
an optometrist licensed under Chapter 4725. of the Revised Code or by a
physician authorized under Chapter 4731. of the Revised Code to practice
medicine and surgery or osteopathic medicine and surgery who is
comprehensively trained and educated in the treatment of the human eye, eye
disease, or comprehensive vision services, unless the student underwent such
an examination within the nine-month period immediately prior to being
identified with disabilities.

However, no student who has not undergone the eye examination required under
this section shall be prohibited from initiating, receiving, or continuing
to receive services prescribed in the student's individualized education

(B)  The superintendent of each school district or the superintendent's
designee may determine fulfillment of the requirement prescribed in division
(A) of this section based on any special circumstances of the student, the
student's parent, guardian, or family that may prevent the student from
undergoing the eye examination prior to beginning special education

(C)  Except for a student who may be entitled to a comprehensive eye
examination in the identification of the student's disabilities, in the
development of the student's individualized education program, or as a
related service under the student's individualized education program,
neither the state nor any school district shall be responsible for paying
for the eye examination required by this section.

HISTORY: 151 v H 66, § 101.01, eff. 6-30-05.



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