General Information

HB 95 requires that within three months after a student identified with disabilities begins receiving services under an individualized education program, the child is required to undergo a comprehensive eye examination (unless the student has had an exam in the last nine months). Parents need to be aware of this requirement, schedule an appointment with an optometrist or ophthalmologist, make sure the eye doctor sends a copy of the exam form to the school, and check with the school administrator to ensure that the eye exam form is in their child’s file.

This section of assists parents with each of these four tasks. The Frequently Asked Questions provide general background information about this new requirement, the Doctor Finder helps identify optometrists and ophthalmologists in a specific community that will conduct comprehensive eye exams for children and the Exam Report is a copy of the form that the doctor needs to complete and send to the school. A copy of the eye exam form should also be faxed to 614-781-6521. Outcome data from the forms will be reviewed by a work group from the Optometric Association and Ophthalmological Society to determine the future needs and directions of the program.

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