Frequently Asked Questions

Why is an eye exam being required for students referred to special education programs?

Ideally, all children would have a comprehensive eye exam before starting school 80% of learning is through vision. A comprehensive eye exam by an eye doctor – optometrist or ophthalmologist - can detect vision problems. Correcting these vision problems could help to improve the child’s performance in school.

Who will pay for the eye exam?

It is estimated that 85%of students already have some form of insurance that will cover the eye exam. If there is no coverage and cost is an issue, please contact the Ohio Optometric Association (phone 800-874-9111).

Who will perform the eye exam?

The eye exam will be performed by an eye doctor - an optometrist or ophthalmologist.

If the eye exam is not done within 90 days of identification for special education, will the student be able to attend school?

The goal is to help students. No student will be kept out of school if the eye exam requirement has not been met.

What is the parents’ responsibility?

When the child is initially identified with disabilities, the parent needs to schedule an eye exam with an optometrist or ophthalmologist within 90 days. If the child had an eye exam during the previous nine months, the requirement is met.

What is the school’s responsibility?

Responsibilities will be determined by each school system. Schools need to notify the parent(s) that the child needs a comprehensive eye exam; provide the parent(s) with a list of eye doctors in the area who give child eye exams and /or collect a completed form from the eye doctor.

Why is an eye exam needed if the school provides screenings?

While school screenings provide valuable information, they are not as thorough as a comprehensive eye exam. During an eye exam, the doctor will look inside the eye to determine if there is a vision problem. This is just one of several components of an eye exam.

How will the eye doctor communicate with the school about the results of the eye exam?

The doctor will complete a standardized form and return it to the school.